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  • 2019-12-03

Saving – A Herculean Task

What could be worse than living under Financial Stress, not because you are not earning enough to meet the ends instead because of your negligible knowledge about Personal Finance and Financial Planning. Investment is a distant star when you don’t know how to save.

And I know there will be many others like me who does not have adequate knowledge about saving and with this thought I decided to share my story for those folks to learn some lessons to prevent or to get prepared for any rough patch in life.

When I started working I used to earn approx 5000 INR a month. Along with gaining experience and working in different companies my paycheck also keep on fattier to 20-30 times more from what I started.

But there were few other things as well which were consistently increasing during all these years in fact compounding enormously:

Financial Planning – The Demon

Saving – An Alien Planet

Wants Overpowering Needs (WON) – Walk in the Clouds

Instant Purchases vs Delayed Gratification

Credit Hungry Behaviour (CHB) – The Giant

Living Beyond Paycheck

Shortsightedness – Missing Satellite View

I’ll take the above said challenges one by one in my upcoming articles to share my experiences and learning in order to help you stand strong on the Personal Finance Management front.

Have you experienced similar or any other challenges ?

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